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Integrated Decision Systems Consultancy Pte Ltd (IDSC) is the first and only company in Singapore specialising in the niche area of operations research/management science (OR/MS). This is the application of scientific methods such as optimisation, simulation, and statistical analysis to help decision makers structure and solve problems, gain insight into complex ones fraught with uncertainty, or facilitate the decision making process for better individual or group outcome. When encoded as software, OR/MS becomes known as decision technology, which takes the information provided by IT systems to transform them into decision support systems. IT players such as SAP, Baan, etc. are beginning to integrate OR/MS solutions into their products as they realise that they need to go beyond integrated information to integrated decision support to help client organisations get their people to pull synergistically in the desired direction. IDSC seeks to ride this next wave in the IT industry to become the favoured partner of IT players in building the IT infrastructure of the future.

IDSC started in April 1996 as a joint venture between Singapore Technologies Logistics, Gintic Institute of Manufacturing Technology and three founding employees. It is now divested from ST Logistics and Gintecís shares are now vested in A*Star, the national R&D agency. Since the company was set up, it had established an impressive track record spanning logistics, maintenance, telecommunications, manpower/productivity analysis, business process re-engineering, technical audit, locational analysis and healthcare. It is now poised to enter its next phase of development as it begins to develop unique optimisation solutions for human resource and logistics planning. It had been active in Asia doing projects and engaged in business development since the late 1990s.

IDSC has a multi-disciplinary team of professionally qualified Operations Research experts able to deal with a wide range of issues.  The company also has a wide network of local and overseas Associates in other consultancy firms, universities and research institutions for cost-efficient access to specialised knowledge complementing its full-time staff.


Our Mission

To harness the power of decision technology to help clients distill their corporate wisdom into explicit models in order to :

  • promote better communication
  • make decision consistently and coherently
  • learn and accumulate knowledge as a corporate body over time

so as to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

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