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IDSC's Advanced Analytics and Augmented Intelligence solutions go beyond descriptive analytics. We use diagnostic, predictive & prescriptive analytics to determine cause-effect relationships, predict outcomes, and optimise decisions concerning complex planning problems.

Our "Analytics-As-A-Service" business model allows clients to harness the power of advanced predictive analytics without the need for in-house expertise.



Foretell is an advanced sales analytics solution that uses predictive analytics to provide insights and accurate forecasts by uncovering causal relationships and order patterns of recurrent customers.


Foretell harnesses the power of machine learning and AI to help companies do the following:


  1. Focus on recurrent customer relationships

  2. Estimate true demand to allow lost sales to be cut 

  3. Characterize predictability of sales by product to customers 

  4. High resolution automated and accurate forecasts

  5. Automatically classify all types of sales patterns, including transient and intermittent time series, to guide the selection of appropriate models

  6. Alert sales teams of any significant change in order patterns 

  7. Uncover customer and product churn patterns 

  8. Review evolving mix of new, regular, transient and retired products



Improve Stock Mix Strategy for Shelf Space Optimisation for each Supermarket

Improve Inventory Planning for Maintenance Service providers


Optimize inventory allocation of books and transfer schedule based on readership

Optimax is a resource optimization solution to maximize sales and profitability under constraints of space, budget or availability. It  harnesses the power of machine learning and AI to help companies do the following:


1.Fully consider constraints of budget and space shared across categories of products at each location

2.Understand how sales or profits decline with product age

3.Calibrate the Optimal Age Mix for each warehouses and shop location to stock  

4.Determine the stock mix that maximizes sales and profitability, taking into account the rewards for sales teams and dealers.  

5.Work out the optimal transfer of resources or inventory that will maximize revenue/profits and minimize markdowns across storage networks or retail outlets  


OPUS Suite

Life Cycle Management Software for Complex Technical Systems


OPUS10 is the world-leading tool for cost effective optimization of spare parts and logistic support solutions for complex technical systems.


With decision support from OPUS10, you can increase availability and at the same time reduce the spares investments by 30% or more compared to conventional methods.


SIMLOX is a unique tool for scenario simulation that enables analysis of expected performance over time given a certain support solution and operational scenario.


SIMLOX offers superior insight into your short and long term effectiveness and the ability to prepare for planned operations.

Cost Analysis

CATLOC is a powerful application for analyzing and estimating Life Cycle Cost (LCC)/- Life Cycle Profit (LCP), and other forms of cost analysis and estimation.


CATLOC makes it easier for you to take control over costs of development, procurement, operation, maintenance and logistics during a system's life cycle.