Reduce Lost Sales And Wastage Of Perishable Goods

Bread is a good example of a perishable product.  It is more perishable than chocolate, with little chance to use discounts to clear stocks. 


With limited shelf space in their distribution channels, a business like a bakery in this case need to optimise the stock mix and inventory at each location so as to maximise their revenue or profit. At the same time, they need to reduce wastage in the form of unsold bread to improve their margins. 

In order to better forecast sales, lost sales need to be computed and added to historical data before forecasting in order to get a truer picture of demand.  The system also help the business to stay alert to changes in ordering patterns and the reasons why.

"Analytics-As-A-Service” business model allows clients to harness the power of advanced analytics without the need for in-house expertise.

Our tools cover a broad range of real world demand patterns & reveal the likely lost sales, demand patterns and surges which are then checked with sales teams and projected into the future with their active participation. 

Our forecasting solution generates outputs such as predictability and service level profiling as well as segmentation of products, customers & customer-product order streams.  These provide insights into product, customer & customer-product level churn to know how to build & maintain market traction.

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